Lip Fillers and Lip Injections to Improve the Look of Your Lips

Lip Fillers Swansea, MA

Lip fillers and lip injections can be used to get you plumper, fuller lips. One of the most common procedures used to augment lips is the use of dermal fillers. There are many different types of dental fillers, but products that contain hyaluronic acid tend to be the most popular. The fact that it is a chemical that is naturally found in the body likely has something to do with that. Hydraulic acid helps to increase volume in the lips.

Lip augmentation is an effective way to improve the way a person's lips look. Collagen fillers were once the most common option, but there are safer options nowadays that last longer. Implants and fat injections can also be used to plump a person's lips, but they are not as popular, since they are more likely to have adverse side effects.

Lip fillers and injections give your lips more volume

Lip fillers and injections can improve the appearance of a patient's lips by improving their shape, volume and structure. The effects can last for up to six months before follow-up injections are needed. There are a wide range of products that patients get to choose from, but they all lead to similar results.

The benefits of getting fillers include:

  • Being able to control the volume of the lips. The more filler that is injected, the more volume the person's lips get
  • The pace of treatment can be gradual. Injections can be slowly administered over the span of several appointments until the patient gets the results they want
  • Any bumps and lumps created by moving the lips can be easily dissolved
  • There is less swelling
  • The results can last a long time, but they are never permanent
  • It is unlikely to lead to an allergic reaction

What to expect when getting lip fillers and injections

Lip augmentation procedures are normally performed at a doctor's office. There is little or no recovery time required afterward. The only exception would be fat fillers, which require liposuction to remove the fat that will be used to fill the patient's lips from another part of the body.

A numbing agent or topical anesthetic might be used prior to the injection to ease any discomfort. At times, nerve block injections are used to completely numb the person's lips. The areas that are to be injected will be carefully marked, and fine needles are used to inject the substance into the person's lips. Ice might be applied to the area after the injections are given to control any swelling and ease discomfort.

The patient will usually be advised to stay away from lip products like lipstick until their lips have healed from the treatment. Once the person's lips are fully healed, they should feel the same way they normally do.

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