What Services Does a Medspa Offer?

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Visiting a medspa has become a popular activity for both women and men, and it differs from a traditional spa. While both provide a relaxing environment, a medical spa is able to offer medical-grade aesthetic procedures as well as products that can enhance the treatments. A medspa clinician determines a healthcare program that repairs skin damage and helps prevent future damage. All medspas have a physician that oversees the treatments of the clinicians.

Popular medspa services

A medspa offers a wide variety of treatments, but there are certain ones that are extremely popular.

Chemical peels

The purpose of a chemical peel is to improve the look of the skin by regenerating it. A solution made out of a combination of chemicals is applied to the skin. This causes the skin to essentially burn and peel off. This leaves a layer of new skin that is smoother and has fewer wrinkles. A peel can be done on the neck, face or hands.

Botox and filler injections

A Botox injection is a very popular cosmetic procedure that is also approved by the FDA. A clinician injects it under the skin, and it blocks nerves that move the muscles. This helps reduce wrinkles and frown lines, which gives the skin a fresher appearance. This procedure is most effective on wrinkles that have not set, such as those that show up when someone smiles or frowns. Botox is typically done on the face, although some use it on the neck as well.

Aesthetician services

Many of the services that can be found at a traditional spa are also popular at a medspa. Aesthetician services are beauty and skincare treatments. These include:

  • Hair removal such as waxing, electrolysis and laser
  • Facials to help generate collagen, firm the skin, improve circulation, rehydrate and prevent acne
  • Makeup applications

Photo-facial pulsed lights

In this procedure, a handheld device delivers a range of light over areas of the skin. This can help correct a variety of hair and skin conditions, and there is no downtime like there is with some treatments. This pulsed light can help improve sun damage, remove brown spots and freckles, minimize redness of the face and neck, reduce the look of freckles, reduce rosacea redness, reduce unwanted hair, improve skin tone and improve the appearance of wrinkles. Other names for this procedure are photorejuvenation, laser skin rejuvenation and laser resurfacing.


This cosmetic treatment uses a mildly abrasive instrument to exfoliate the skin and remove the thicker outer layer. Clients use microdermabrasion to refresh appearance, treat acne and its scars, reduce enlarged pores, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, improve age spots and remove patches of darkened skin. This procedure also helps to encourage collagen production, which typically declines with age. The result is smooth, taut and younger-looking skin.


Medical-grade procedures may have a more profound effect on skin conditions, which is why visiting a medspa is beneficial. There are numerous treatments that a medspa technician can perform to help one’s skin look younger and healthier.

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