Laser Hair Removal Swansea, MA

Laser hair removal is for anyone looking to get rid of hair growths on their body. During the procedure, a beam of light is used to attack hair follicles, inhibiting the growth of new hair. The technique effectively delays future hair growth, but it typically does not permanently stop it. Keeping hair from growing permanently will require regular maintenance laser treatments.

The lasers used for this procedure tend to be most effective on those with darker hair types and lighter skin tones. The more contrast there is between the patient's hair color and skin color, the more effective the treatment will usually be. The goal is for the laser only to be absorbed by the hair follicles being removed and not the patient's skin itself. More contrast makes that task easier.

The laser used can remove hair from pretty much any part of the body, but it is typically not recommended for areas around the eyes like eyebrows or eyelids as it can risk causing a severe eye injury.

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