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Alysha Marley, RN

Alysha is one of the RN’s at Aesthetica who specializing in Botox and Fillers. She attended American Academy of Facial Aesthetics for her certification in botox and fillers. Alysha chose this industry because of her rapport with people and loves making a difference in their lives. Alysha has been an RN since 2015. She is currently a nurse in an ER and has been there for ten years. She has been specializing in cosmetic industry for 2 years. She consistently provides the type of service that she would like to receive. Choosing Aesthetica was an easy decision, she says, because of the amazing group of individuals who work there and who share the same passion and dedication towards a client as she does. What she expects in her line of work is that her clients know that during a consult, she will explain procedure benefits as well as risks. She wants her clients to trust her, leave happy and be completely satisfied with their end result.

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