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Breala Raulino, Medical Esthetician, Body Art Practitioner

Breala has always had a true love and eye for all things beauty. She recognized this at an early age and began studying aesthetics in Boston, Massachusetts where she received her Aesthetician License in 2012. After 6 wonderful years working as an aesthetician, Breala decided she needed a challenge, something that would compliment her professional knowledge of skin and beauty. Microblading had been on her radar for quite some time and she decided to pursue that journey in Fall of 2016. With an extensive background in makeup artistry and skin care, this type of art came quite naturally to her. Breala quickly mastered her craft. “Brows are the most important feature on the face,” says Breala. Her favorite part of Microblading is making a difference in people’s lives and everyday routine. She enjoys helping people bring their inner beauty out, and giving them confidence. “I always focus on bringing out the best in each face. Not everyone’s brows are going to look good on the next person, so you have to customize the eyebrows to each person.”

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