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Sarah Simone, Certified Laser Technician Certified, BTL Vanquish ME Technician

A graduate from the National Laser Institute and New England Tech, Sarah is a Certified Laser Tech with a huge social media following and is very influential.

Offering high demand services such as Hair Removal, Photo Facials, Vanquish Fat Reduction and Cellutone. She has even performed services on business leaders, celebrities and models.

Gaining trust from clients and building personal relationships with each and every one is something Sarah strives on. She loves to help people feel more confident about themselves!

To Sarah, the most rewarding part about being in this industry is meeting so many amazing people who begin as client, but quickly become friends. There is something to learn and gain from everyone and these relationships are cherished forever! She looks forward to continue growing in this field and meet many more new and amazing people!

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