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At AestheticA Swansea, we are happy to offer lasting hair removal and facial rejuvenating treatments using intense pulsed light (IPL). Whether you are interested in eliminating unwanted hair for good or taking years off of your appearance with a photofacial, we can make it happen with IPL treatments.

Safely Eliminate Unwanted Hair with IPL Hair Removal

Getting rid of unwanted hair is a time-consuming and frustrating process, especially since it needs to be repeated frequently in order to maintain smooth and hair-free skin. If you are tired of shaving, plucking and waxing your legs, upper lip, underarms or bikini line and are interested in a lasting method for removing unwanted hair, then IPL is the answer.

With IPL hair removal treatments, we can safely and painlessly kill off hair in targeted areas, leading to permanent hair removal after a series of treatments. IPL targets the melanin found in hair follicles, using quick pulses of focused light to warm and damage the follicle. The treatment is precise and can be performed quickly, depending on the amount of hair targeted for removal.

Most patients require between three to seven IPL hair removal treatments before the hair stops growing back completely. Results are evident in as little as one treatment, with hair growth noticeably slower and sparser in the first month. Hair removal sessions can be scheduled four to six weeks apart, and typically take less than an hour each.

Side effects are minimal and often nonexistent. The skin in the treated area may appear and feel as if it is sunburned for one to two days but will quickly fade to its normal shade. Patients interested in IPL hair removal treatments should avoid plucking or waxing hair in the weeks leading up to their appointments, as doing so can remove the hairs’ roots and make treatment ineffective.

Improve Your Skin’s Texture and Tone with IPL Photofacials

Years of sun exposure and the effects of aging can wreak havoc on your skin. If you are bothered by pigmentation issues, acne scars, freckles, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and other evidence of sun damage, then IPL photofacials can help you look and feel younger using facial rejuvenation.

Photofacials utilize the same technology present in IPL hair removal, applying highly-concentrated pulses of light to the face. The thermal energy targets cells in both the epidermis and the underlying dermis, applying photorejuvenation to the top and the deeper layers of the skin for comprehensive skin revitalization.

A cool gel is applied to your skin at the start of treatment. One of our expert technicians will then pass the IPL handpiece over your face, pausing in each area to pulse light energy into the skin. Most patients find the treatment to be comfortable without numbing cream. You may notice some mild warmness or stinging as the light energy breaks down your skin’s blemishes. The light energy will also gently damage the deeper layers of your skin, inducing the body’s natural wound response to increase collagen and elastin production. Results will continue to improve with time as the collagen and elastin work to restore youthful and tight skin.

The procedure lasts just 30 minutes, and you are free to resume working immediately after your appointment. Common side effects include mild skin redness, irritation, swelling and temporary changes in pigmentation. For optimal results, we recommend scheduling four to six treatments spaced three to four weeks apart each. Following a series of IPL photofacials, you can expect to look and feel younger with smoother, radiant skin for years to come.

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IPL technology provides a versatile and safe treatment method for targeting a number of common aesthetic concerns. If wrinkles and skin blemishes have hampered your self-confidence or you are interested in a comprehensive hair removal treatment with lasting results, then schedule a free consultation with AestheticA Swansea in Bristol County to learn more about IPL treatments. Call us today at 508-689-4488 to book your appointment.

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